Staff mental health in education

People are more and more aware of the need to support children, young people and those in education with their mental health. But working in education can have its intense demands and pressures too. Whether in colleges, schools or universities, it’s important to look out for staff and colleagues, and try to make their working environment a healthy and positive one. The chances are, it’ll translate to a better environment for pupils and students too.

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We’ve collected ideas, advice, resources and examples for people across the sector: primary, secondary and further education. (We hope to add higher education too.)

And below you’ll find a sample of the resources that feature in those pages, to give you a flavour.

Resources in this toolkit:


​What keeps us going

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If you’re having a tough week and lots of worries are building up, it can be difficult to cope. This simple activity from YoungMinds encourages school staff to think about the things that help get them through.