The Mental Health at Work Programme is fortunate to be supported by incredible organisations who are committed to helping us improve the workplace for employers and employees alike. Together, we are striving to make a positive, tangible change to the world of work in the UK.

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Simply Business

Mental Health at Work has partnered with Simply Business, one of the UK’s biggest providers of small business insurance, to support the UK’s self-employed. We surveyed more than 700 small business owners to understand their challenges and created dedicated, online self-employed support hubs to build mental health literacy and break the stigma surrounding mental health at work.

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Mental Health & Productivity Pilot (MHPP)

Mental Health at work is proud to work with the Mental Health & Productivity Pilot (MHPP), a collaboration between Midlands universities and other partners. The pilot supports Midlands’ organisations and their employees to improve workplace mental health and to reduce the impact it has on sickness absence, presenteeism and productivity.

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