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For all general enquiries, including feedback about the website or a resource on here, please email . We check all links and resources automatically and regularly, but are always extremely grateful for any tips about links not working or resources that have been superceded.

Suggesting resources

At any given time we have a large backlog of resources that we’re considering adding to Mental Health at Work. Also, the purpose of this site is to help people cut through an overwhelming number of options, so we avoid adding more and more possibilities unless they fit into specific gaps. For both of these reasons, we are not currently accepting emailed suggestions for new resources.

Guest articles and stories

We like to showcase examples of how people have used Mental Health at Work to make a positive change in their workplace, or highlighting particular aspects and social issues related to workplace mental health. If you have something to say and your organisation is happy to be featured, we’d love to hear from you. We are also actively trying to increase the diversity of people featured on our site.

Get in touch at and we’ll take it from there. Please note, though, that we have a backlog and an already-planned schedule of publication so do not guarantee we’ll take up any suggestions. In other words, please don’t write anything for us on spec, as your time will probably wasted. We’d prefer to talk with you together about whether there is a topic that you, or we, should cover.

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