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The Education Support helpline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It’s for all staff, both academic and administrative, in primary, secondary, further and higher education, and offers services designed to:

  • prevent a crisis from occurring;
  • reduce the impact of a crisis when it occurs;
  • help you to find solutions to problems by offering you tools to overcome difficulties in your life.

The helpline provides free and confidential information, support, coaching, BACP accredited counsellors, advice on Education Support’s in-house grants programme, and help to find other services or long-term treatment. So, whatever your need or worry, if you work in education, they’re there for you.

The website includes information on how to access them by telephone, text, email or live chat. You can also download posters or order other marketing materials to help promote the helpline to colleagues.

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Organisation: Education Support
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Education Support provides mental health and wellbeing support to UK education staff and organisations.

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