Coronavirus: Coping with the challenges of working from home

When we originally published this toolkit, the first paragraph mentioned being past the peak of infection and looking ahead to coming out of lockdown in the near future. It’s fair to say there have been a lot of twists and turns since then, and a lot of emotional pressures. What we do know now is that we were wrong to imagine the way ahead was predictable.

Homeworking is definitely on the cards for many of us, for quite some time more – and you might be finding that the time away from the office hasn’t got any easier. Even if you worked from home before, you might not have spent such a long time away from your colleagues. And as and when restrictions are eased, it will be a long time before everything returns to normal, if they ever do – and you may still be required to work from home more often.

In one sense, we’re all in it together. But in another sense, it’s different for everyone. Having additional responsibilities, such as childcare, or losing out on chances to socialise might be starting to affect you, even if you were coping fine before.

If you’re the manager of a team, you might be worried about how your staff are getting along, especially if you know they live alone or are a carer. It’s important that you keep checking in with your staff while you’re apart – just because they were okay a few weeks ago, their circumstances might have changed, and they might need different support now.

So, as life at home continues for some and starts back up again for others, we’ve updated this collection of resources to help you and those around you. It includes tips on staying focused, keeping your anxiety levels low, and supporting colleagues who might be having a harder time due to social isolation.

Whatever your situation – take care.

Resources in this toolkit:



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You might find yourself experiencing new distractions when working from home that you don't normally deal with in the office. This short PDF guide offers some tips on staying focused on your important tasks.