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Performance Energy: help maintain your wellbeing through COVID-19

Organisation: Bupa Foundation


Chances are that your life has changed a dramatically as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some people have been furloughed or are working very differently, and we’ve all had to make compromises in how we see our friends and family and take part in our favourite hobbies. This might have an impact on your mental health, leaving you feeling anxious, stressed or lonely and lacking some of the ways you’d usually cope.

Bupa UK Foundation have created a PDF guide that can help you manage your energy through these uncertain times using a system called performance energy. It helps you to identify those things that are most important to you for keeping your energy up and your mood stable, working out a new routine that includes time for them, and making healthy choices. It will help you measure your own energy, keep a positive outlook and look forward to the future.

It is suitable for anyone, so might be ideal to send to others in your organisation while COVID-19 is still impacting the way you work.

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Organisation: Bupa Foundation
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