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Bailey & French

Bailey & French is a consultancy specialising in positive psychology, pioneering a proactive approach to supporting wellbeing, leadership and performance. They work both in the UK and internationally, and across the public and private sector. They aim to encourage people to be their best, and create positive platforms for people to come up with their own ideas, solutions and ways forward.

Resources from this organisation:

​Wellbeing notebook

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These notebooks are designed to bring wellbeing to the front of your mind. They're filled with little points to reflect upon, based on the PERMA model of wellbeing, prompting you to consider how your work and wellbeing connect.

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This mat is designed to open up a discussion about wellbeing within a team, focused on the five pillars of the PERMA wellbeing model. It helps to explore the model and offers an immediate 'pulse check' to help decide what to do next.

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More and more organisations are looking to positive psychology to help look at what's right with us as opposed to simply fixing what's wrong. This article summarises such wellbeing initiatives and recommends areas to focus on.

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Many organisations are happy to invest in initiatives to support employee wellbeing, but often only focus on a few elements. This template outlines the key areas to consider, including questions to help plan and build better strategies for the future.

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