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We set ourselves goals in an attempt to focus on our wellbeing, and within a short space of time we’ve forgotten or failed them. Why does this happen? Most of the time we’ve tried to achieve too much, too quickly.

Research has shown that a simple solution is to break down targets into smaller micro-actions. By making one small change a day, we are more likely to succeed in what we want to achieve. Regularly completing micro-actions help to refine our abilities and generate momentum—which can lead to those breakthrough moments.

The idea is that by reducing wellbeing goals into more manageable chunks, we will no longer feel compelled to ignore the source of the barriers in our way. Rather than falling to the bottom of the pile, the cause can be confronted little by little. In this way, even the most challenging barriers appear simpler. We become more focused on our wellbeing, and more motivated to increase it.

This free five-day micro-action sampler course from Bailey & French introduces you to the power of the micro-action mindset, sending you a new wellbeing-focused micro-action by email every day for five days. In turn, these micro-actions can contribute to larger-scale change for employees, teams and organisations.

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Organisation: Bailey & French
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