Understanding the PERMA model of wellbeing

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This infographic guide from Bailey & French introduces the PERMA model of wellbeing, a recent evidence-based model of what supports people to flourish and thrive. It was developed by Martin Seligman based on significant research, and outlines the five pillars that contribute to positive wellbeing.

  • Positive emotions: These are usually considered as ‘nice to haves’—but research has shown that they are vital to our positive psychological wellbeing and have numerous benefits for our cognitive ability as well as our overall health.
  • Engagement: When we are immersed in particular activities that play to our strengths, we can experience a state called ‘flow’. When we are in flow we perform at our peak and experience less anxiety. This pillar covers the environment we need to create for this to be possible every day.
  • Relationships: Having positive relationships with a depth of understanding and respect has many benefits in terms of collaboration and having a sense of support.
  • Meaning: When we can define a purpose in life, we can more easily access positive meaning in every moment.
  • Accomplishment: Accomplishments are often the small things that we have made significant effort towards, and they boost us in many ways by feeling productive and sense of moving forward.

According to the PERMA model, the five pillars together result in people experiencing positive wellbeing and developing greater resilience to life’s challenges.

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Organisation: Bailey & French
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