Mental Health at Work Commitment Standard 3 resources

One of the best ways to raise awareness about mental health and challenge stigma is to encourage conversation about it.  Another way is to empower individuals in an organisation to take an active role in championing the issue. Both help create a culture where people feel able to come forward if they need support. It’s clear that passionate employees and volunteers, at any level of the organisation, are often the drivers of that cultural change.  

And, as an employer, fostering an environment in which these conversations can take place, and supporting grassroots enthusiasm to champion mental health issues, plays an integral role in keeping staff well. 

Resources in this toolkit:


​This is Me

Web page

This is Me is a business-led campaign to support organisations, and their employees, to talk about mental health. It encourages people with experience of a mental health problem, whether their own or of a loved one, to share their stories. It may help encourage your employees to talk about their own concerns.