Supporting staff wellbeing

Organisation: Mentally Healthy Schools


Good staff wellbeing is essential in education, and means that staff are better able, in turn, to support their pupils. This page from Mentally Healthy Schools has information, advice and links to quality-assured resources that can help.

As school staff juggle a multitude of different tasks and demands, it is important that everyone is given the right emotional and practical support so that they can, in turn, support their pupils. But staff wellbeing isn’t just about ability to do the job and support pupils; it can also improve job satisfaction, reduce turnover and help to reduce absence.

Mentally Healthy Schools is a website that provides lots of information, tips and resources to support mental health in education, for both pupils and staff. This page on supporting staff wellbeing provides practical strategies and advice to help improve school staff wellbeing.

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Organisation: Mentally Healthy Schools
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Mentally Healthy Schools is a new website to help primary school staff support the mental health of their pupils.

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