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Racism and mental health from the Mental Health Foundation

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Race is a label that groups people together based on similar physical traits, such as skin colour. Racial labels, like Black, were developed to wrongly define some of us as biologically different to others.

Sadly, we know that experiencing racism can harm your mental wellbeing, and can lead to feelings of anger, anxiety, lower self-worth and sadness.

This blog from the Mental Health Foundation explores what racism is and how it hurts people. It explains the impact racism can have on your mental health, and provides links to resources to help you understand more. It also features tips from people who have experienced racism on how to look after your wellbeing.

This resource can help you and your organisation better understand the problem of racism, and see how it might be affecting you and your staff. You may want to use the information here to create your own racism at work policy, or share it with your colleagues to improve your organisation’s understanding of this difficult topic.

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Organisation: Mental Health Foundation
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