School leaders – do you make time to talk?

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Research from Education Support has shown that school leaders frequently experience stress, insomnia and exhaustion. This article is filled with advice on how to talk about your experiences.

Education Support’s research shows that school leaders are at risk of acute stress, insomnia and exhaustion. Whatever your experience, taking time to make space to talk about how you’re doing might help you stay well in the long run. It might help you build the resilience to meet the demands of your role, and have enough energy to meet the range of expectations you’re juggling.

This article looks at the potential benefits for school leaders and other education staff of talking openly about emotions, feelings, and mental health challenges. It also discusses the types of professional talking therapies available to help turn things around.

You will find tips on different types of talking therapies that are available, which can help you find a fit that’s right for you.

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Organisation: Education Support
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