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Racism and mental health

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Racism means using the concept of race to judge or treat some people worse than others. It exists in many forms, and on many levels in society – including in the workplace.

It can be really difficult to start conversations about race at work – but it’s important. Racism can impact your mental health, and can cause feelings of low self-worth, anxiety, anger and sadness. And we know these experiences can contribute to mental health problems like depression or suicidal feelings.

This page from Mind is a great place to start if you want to learn more about racism and how it affects people. It explores terms you might have heard before, like microagressions, white privilege and institutional racism, to help you understand what people mean when they use these terms.

You may wish to share it with colleagues before you discuss race at work or begin working on an anti-racism policy, so you all start on the same page. It also includes links to further support, information about racism and the law, and tips for looking after yourself if you experience racism.

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Organisation: Mind
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