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Managing a return to work after long-term absence – a guide for line managers

Organisations: CIPD Bupa UK

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Sadly, mental ill health is one of the top reasons why somebody might need to take a long-term leave of absence from the workplace.

When a member of your team has been absent for a long time, it can be difficult to know how to welcome them back to work. You might not be sure if they want to talk about their time off, for example. Or, you might be worried that your processes have changed since they took their leave, and you’re unsure how to help them get back up to speed with their colleagues.

This guide, written by the CIPD and Bupa, will help you to manage your team member’s return confidently. It explores possible adjustments that might make the transition easier, the impact on the rest of your staff, and tips on providing ongoing support. It also touches on your legal obligations, so you can understand what you are required to do by law.

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Organisations: CIPD Bupa UK
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