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Medical doctors, no matter their specialty, have tough jobs. When you are faced with life or death situations on a daily basis that demands scrupulous attention to detail, across unsocial shift patterns; the option of ‘normal’ life seems unimaginable.

Sadly, this can have a negative impact on your mental health. In the last decade, there has been a rise in mental health issues for those working in healthcare. A recent study by the British Medical Association identified that almost 80% of all doctors are at high risk of burnout.

You Okay, Doc? (YOD) aims to help doctors to feel able to seek support, speak freely about their mental health and be equipped to deal with the inevitable pressures faced.

The YOD site includes:

  • The Huddle, a weekly virtual support session facilitated by YOD Trustee and Psychotherapist, Chris Cherry,
  • Previous Huddle seminars for you to watch when you’d like,
  • The YOD Blog, with evolving content from doctors, mental health experts and inspirational individuals that YOD are collaborating with, and
  • The YOD Podcast, hosted by Chris Cherry, Dr Mark Seaman & Dr Daniel Gearon – all founding members of the YOD Team – discussing mental health topics that are current to doctors.

All of the content is free.

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Organisation: You Okay, Doc?
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You Okay, Doc? (YOD) is a charity that enables doctors to seek support and speak freely about mental health.

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