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Workplace wellbeing census

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How do people in the UK really feel about their wellbeing at work?

These are the results of Bupa’s 2019 Workplace Wellbeing Census. Through YouGov they surveyed over 4,000 employees of private companies about how they feel about their wellbeing, how their work affected it, and how equipped businesses are to deal with wellbeing issues. They compared the experiences of different age groups, employment sectors and organisation sizes.

There are a wide range of findings, but they highlight four key ones that you can make use of straight away in making your workplace better:

  • People need people: humans are social creatures
  • The power of a positive environment: people feel better when they feel valued
  • Simple actions can drive results in changing the culture of an organisation
  • It’s easy to exclude people: more than one in four have experienced bullying or discrimination in the past three years

This web page summarises the findings, and has links to the full PDF report as well as an infographic highlighting the key points.

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Organisation: Bupa UK
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