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Time to talk: Our mental health strategy

Organisation: Thames Water


Thames Water’s health and wellbeing strategy is all about the steps they’re taking, and the steps they will take, to make sure everyone goes home safe and well each day. This booklet presents their mental health strategy, which is based on their ‘SPOT’ principles: Spotting the signs, Providing opportunities to talk, Offering a listening ear, and Talking to a professional.

This strategy sets out four key objectives:

  • Develop greater understanding of mental health amongst all of their employees;
  • Ensure there are people with a recognised qualification in mental health​Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England workplace training Web page Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England offers a variety of training for employers across the UK. This workplace course will qualify you as a Mental Health First Aider.Paid forRequires pre-booking By: Mental Health First Aid England View resource across all of their workplace areas;
  • Equip managers with a specialist resource pack to embed and enable the SPOT principles;
  • Closely monitor cases of mental health problems in the workplace, taking action on reoccurring trends.

The strategy also lists the outcomes that will indicate that they’ve been successful, gives staff tips for what they can do, and gives detailed information on their employee assistance programme (EAP).

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Organisation: Thames Water
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