Thrive at Work wellbeing programme


Thrive at Work is a free health and wellbeing accreditation programme for workplaces across the West Midlands. It was created by the West Midlands Combined Authority, and takes a holistic look at wellbeing: including mental and physical health, musculoskeletal issues, and organisational issues such as health and safety and manager training.

It’s split into three levels:

  • Bronze, focusing on providing accurate and appropriate information to help employees to make healthier choices
  • Silver, focusing on understanding employees’ health needs and taking direct action to prevent poor health
  • Gold, about becoming an expert in understanding employee needs and developing strategies to improve employee health and wellbeing in an active, monitored and sustainable way.

When you sign up to join the programme, you’ll receive a toolkit that will support you to make positive changes. It’s full of tips and advice and pointing you towards local and national resources, policies and services that can help put the commitment into practice.

Then, if you achieve the commitment at at least Bronze level, you’ll have the chance to receive the Thrive at Work Wellbeing Award and be celebrated at an awards ceremony.

The programme is open to any West Midlands organisation of any size.

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West Midlands Combined Authority

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