Support with employee health and disability

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Disability comes in many forms – some visible, and some not. In some cases, poor mental health may be considered a disability. It’s important for employers to understand the law surrounding disability in the workplace – but it’s also important that managers feel confident talking about it in a judgement-free, sensitive manner.

This web page from the Department of Work and Pensions can help employers who want to support an employee who may or may not have a disability.

The guidance will help you with:

  • managing absences and keeping in touch,
  • having conversations with your employee both in and out of work,
  • deciding on changes to help them stay or come back to work,
  • protecting your business and your employees with policies and procedures,
  • and managing other complex situations.

Once you click ‘Start Now’, you are offered questions that will help you find the information you need, plus links to other resources you may find useful.

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