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​Managing sickness absence

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Continued high absence due to mental health can put colleagues and the service you provide under strain. This information explains the legal background around sickness absence, what support you can give to staff and the procedures you can follow.

This web page, created by NCVO, gives an overview of how to manage sickness absence in your organisation. The information covers a range of important topics around sickness absence, including Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)PresenteeismPresenteeism means turning up for work when unwell, resulting in a loss of productivity. Presenteeism, or sickness presence, could account for as much, if not more, of a loss in productivity than sickness absence. It can also adversely affect general...Find out more, contractual sick pay, recording and analysing absence, and return to work meetings. The information is for organisations in the voluntary or charity sector. You might find this information useful if you have an employee with continued high absence and are not sure how to manage the situation.

This information will give you a concise overview of the main policies around sickness absence and guidance on how to deal with various situations. It also provides links to further information that you might find useful, such as Acas’s booklet on health, wellbeing and work, and their guide to personnel record keeping.

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