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Mind offers eLearning courses to support anyone looking to improve their understanding and knowledge of mental health in the workplace.

The Managing Mental Health at Work course is designed to support managers, and complements Mind’s Mental Health Awareness at Work​Mental health awareness at work Web page Support from peers is a powerful asset when building a culture of wellbeing. Help your colleagues to look out for one another with an eLearning course from Mind.Paid forEnquire via website to order By: Mind View resource course. This course emphasises the importance of looking after yours and your employees’ mental health, and aims to build your confidence in supporting your employees.

These courses can be hosted on your learning management system (LMS) or, if you do not have a LMS, Mind can provide access for you. The cost of the eLearning will depend on the size of your organisation, so you will need to contact Mind’s team for a quote.

Managing Mental Health at Work is a 1.5 hour course. It includes the following topics:

  • Mental health, the business case and your role as a manager,
  • Promoting and boosting staff wellbeing and taking stock,
  • Conversations about mental health and supporting employees,
  • Positive and proactive performance management, and
  • Signposts to information and support.

To find out more information and to try a free demo of the eLearning, follow the resource link below and scroll down to the section titled Managing Mental Health at Work.

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Organisation: Mind
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Mind provides advice and support on mental health, and campaigns to improve understanding, across England and Wales.

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