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How to stop feeling overwhelmed – tips for small business owners

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Mental Health at Work has partnered with Simply Business to support the UK’s self-employed with their mental health and wellbeing. Together we surveyed more than 700 small business owners to understand their challenges. Now we want to start a conversation and break the stigma surrounding mental health at work.

Everyone feels overwhelmed from time to time. But when you run your own business, it can easily become an everyday occurrence. You might find yourself anxious over finances, feeling isolated from your family and friends, or tired from loss of sleep, and this can lead to you feeling overwhelmed.

This article offers advice if this feels familiar to you. Business coach Lorna Thomas shares her experiences of running a business, and suggests some helpful tips she used to cope with the pressure. You will also find links to other useful articles on subjects such as starting difficult conversations as a self-employed person, and tips on managing your finances.

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Organisation: Simply Business
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