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Fit for Law is an online educational training course designed to help legal practitioners and employers by developing their emotional competence and resilience. The aim of this course is to help support emotionally and psychologically healthy ways of working within the legal profession.

The modules of this course can be studied at your own pace, and each part can also be worked through as a stand-alone set of materials. LawCare recommends that you allow a total of between two to four hours for each part.

The course is free, but requires you to make an account on the Open University website to access.

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Organisations: Fit For Law LawCare
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For for Law: Emotional competence and professional resilience
Fit For Law

Fit For Law is an online course developed by The Open University and LawCare.

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Law Care

LawCare promotes and supports good mental health and wellbeing in the legal community.

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