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The Mindful Business Charter encourages clients and their suppliers, across the legal and financial sectors, to work together to recognise and reduce avoidable stress.

The Mindful Business Charter started as a collaboration between banks and their legal suppliers. Everyone accepts that legal advice is a high-pressure work environment – tight deadlines, long hours, and a difficult working culture all contribute. The Charter encourages clients and their suppliers to work together and reduce avoidable stress. It features four simple principles that parties are encouraged to raise with each other – such as respecting rest periods and communicating in a respectful and efficient manner.

There is a three-step process when signing up:

  1. The Mindful Business Charter briefs you.
  2. You secure top-level approval.
  3. Your Senior Officer signs up to the Charter publicly.

This website explains the process in detail, and offers you an insight into what your organisation might look like once you are signed up. The Charter has already expanded beyond the financial services sector and in due course would like to expand beyond the legal sector too.

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Organisation: Mindful Business Charter
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Mindful Business Charter

The Mindful Business Charter is a collaboration between banks and law firms, improving how the sector works together.

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