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Ambulance staff have faced a unique challenge during the coronavirus pandemic. Your workload may have increased, you may be experiencing different types of calls, and your mental wellbeing may be suffering. You might feel that many of the programmes designed to help workers to manage the coronavirus aren’t aimed at you and your line of work.

To help, the Ambulance Staff Charity have created a series of PDF documents designed to help ambulance staff to cope during this difficult time.

The pack includes information about:

  • Finding the right work-life balance,
  • Managing anxiety and panic attacks,
  • How to support someone struggling with their mental health,
  • Health and wellbeing support for ambulance staff and volunteers,
  • Guidance for managers on psychosocial support and mental wellbeing of ambulance personnel in a pandemic crisis, and
  • Evidence-based tools to support the wellbeing of frontline staff.

You can download all of the documents at once in one zip file from the web page.

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