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Architects’ mental wellbeing toolkit


Architecture can be a fast-paced world, with project deadlines leading to periods of very high pressure. While a certain amount of stress can be productive, it’s important to create an atmosphere that supports people to keep themselves and each other well.

This guide looks at a wide variety of issues in workplace mental health, incorporating advice from expert sources like the Health and Safety Executive Health and Safety Executive The HSE is responsible for the regulation and enforcement of workplace health, safety and welfare in Great Britain. View organisation and the Thriving at Work​Thriving at work: the Stevenson / Farmer review of mental health and employers PDF An independent review into how employers can better support all employees' mental health, including recommended core standards.Free By: Department for Work and Pensions / Department of Health and Social Care View resource report, brought to life with examples, tips and ideas that apply particularly to architecture practitioners and students. It’s broken into eight key issues:

  • Office culture and overtime
  • Support systems and staff education
  • Caring for students in practice
  • Contracts and client relationships
  • Physical office environment
  • Technology
  • Monitoring staff wellbeing
  • Championing an active, mindful approach

Each section has a list of useful references: to tools and organisations that can help, and places where you can learn more about each issue.

The Architects’ Mental Wellbeing Forum plans to update this guide regularly based on experiences and suggestions from others working in the field – and would love to hear from anyone who’d like to get involved.

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The Architects’ Mental Wellbeing Forum

The Architects' Mental Wellbeing Forum is a consortium that aims to improve mental health within architecture.

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