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A wellbeing champion is somebody who can be an informal listening ear for colleagues, helping them to find further support or talk things through outside of the line management structure. So, establishing a champion programme in your organisation can be a great step towards encouraging positive mental health among staff. A commitment to staff wellbeing is increasingly something that major rail clients are asking of their suppliers, and a champion programme is a clear way of demonstrating it.

This guide was developed as a collaboration between the Rail Safety and Standards Board and the industry Mental Wellbeing Subgroup. It’s a comprehensive overview of what a wellbeing champion programme is and how to set one up, including:

  • Why have wellbeing champions?
  • Steps to setting up a wellbeing champions project
  • Recruitment fliers, role description and application form
  • Training guidance
  • Setting up a peer support network for champions
  • Demonstrating outcomes

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Organisation: RSSB
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