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The Time to Change Wales pledge is a public declaration that an organisation wants to step up to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination. It isn’t a quality mark, accreditation or endorsement – you just have to commit to taking actions that are realistic and right for you that will lead to a reduction in discrimination within your organisation and the wider community.

If you are interested in signing the Time to Change Wales Organisational Pledge, you will need to create an Employers account on the Time to Change website. In your Employers account, you will have access to resources which will help you sign the pledge. All organisations who want to pledge must also complete an action plan setting out what they are going to do.

Time to Change Wales provide resources to help advise you on the action plan but it’s the responsibility of the organisation to deliver it. Your organisation will be encouraged to consider activities such as:

  • Looking at policies and culture to make sure the workplace is supportive of people with mental health problems,
  • Running internal anti-stigma campaigns using Time to Change materials; inviting our educators to deliver anti-stigma training, and
  • Promoting the messages externally to people who use your services and the wider community through your communications channels or by running a campaign.

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Organisation: Time to Change Wales
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