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The Acas framework for positive mental health at work

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Employers, managers and individuals all have a part to play in working towards a shared goal of positive wellbeing and productive workplaces. Based on detailed research and experience from working with thousands of organisations, Acas has produced a simple framework to show the contribution that each can make, so that

  • employers are visibly committed to positive mental health;
  • individuals are self-aware and ask for help when needed;
  • managers are informed and open to conversations with their staff.

This short, graphical document gives examples of behaviours and responsibilities at each level, and highlights the fact that there are many overlaps and connections between them. You can read it in less than two minutes, but it’s worth revisiting regularly as your organisation and culture develops.

There is also a 1min 15sec video introducing the key elements:

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Organisation: Acas
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