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Mente is a web-based platform to help businesses monitor and support the mental health of their staff. Once an organisation has subscribed to it, staff can each login and have access to services and information relevant to them. For example:

  • Employees can access CPD-accredited mental health training, information about where to find help, documents uploaded by their employer, and a survey to give anonymous feedback to their managers.
  • Managers can see legislation and best-practice guidance, training for managers, an absence calculator and employee feedback so they can see how they’re doing.

You can easily customise it to switch specific services on or off according to your needs – for example, only giving access to certain training to managers, enabling/disabling surveys, or uploading any of your own documents.

The idea is provide a one-stop platform that contains everything staff might need, while making sure there is a clear audit trail to enable employers to evidence the advice and support they are delivering.

There is also a short introductory video that gives you an overview of Mente’s approach and services.

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Organisation: Mente
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Mente supports employers to manage mental health, by combining a range of solutions and services together.

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