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How are we doing? Independent workers and mental health

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Many resources discussing mental health at work are focused on ways of improving the workplace itself, for regular staff members. However, increasing numbers of workers don’t fit this regular model. Home workers, freelancers and gig workers also need their mental health to be considered, but often get forgotten by the organisations they are working for. Research from Leapers suggests about half (46%) of independent workers think this method of working has impacted their mental health negatively, and only 4% said they feel their employing organisations truly have their mental wellbeing in mind.

This report from Leapers explores where the problem points are for independent workers – for example, how money uncertainty can cause anxiety, or the stress of administration tasks. It also offers suggestions of what might help freelancers to improve their wellbeing, such as regular check-ins with a mentor in their employing organisation.

This is ideal for both independent workers to use to understand their own mental health at work, and for organisations that use freelancers to help them better understand what they can do to help.

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Organisation: Leapers
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