Our Frontline: Supporting educators’ mental health during the pandemic

When your mask comes off, take a deep breath

Teachers and school staff, talk with someone who gets it.

Twinkl has teamed up with our partner Mind to support all school staff throughout the pandemic.

For free, confidential, emotional support, text KEYWORKER to 85258 or call 116 123, any time, night or day.

All in confidence with trained volunteers.

Discover more resources recommended for educators below.

Resources in this toolkit:

This short guide from Mind explores some of the worries and difficulties you might experience due to the coronavirus pandemic, and some ways to ensure your mental health is protected. It will help you manage your own reaction to the crisis, and also help you to support your colleagues and students who may be struggling.


​Emotional energy


Remaining positive during the pandemic is difficult, and putting on a brave face all day can leave you feeling drained. This PDF will help you to understand your own 'emotional energy', and learn ways to keep yourself feeling strong.