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Dealing with hate campaigns: toolkit for journalists

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Social media has allowed journalists to interact with their audience like never before – often able to engage in conversation, jokes or debate with their followers. However, there are also times when your readers might take things too far, reacting with anger to your writing. Sometimes, this can even become a coordinated attack. Feeling threatened or insulted from messages you receive can leave you feeling anxious, upset, exposed, or even worried for your safety.

This help page from the Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma explores some things you can do if you, a colleague, or one of your reports is the target of a hate campaign. It includes practical advice, such as ensuring all your details are confidential, and also tips on keeping your stress levels under control.

The website also includes a PDF that can be printed and displayed in your newsroom. This tip sheet was originally published by The Union of Journalists in Finland, but has been translated into English and is suitable for use around the world.

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