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Leapers runs a Slack group for people who are, or are considering, working outside the normal nine-to-five pattern: freelancers, homeworkers, the self-employed, SME owners and everyone in between.

Leapers is a community for anyone who is making an active change away from the traditional nine-to-five way of working. That includes those who work flexibly, remotely or at home; freelancers and the self-employed; startups, small business owners and everyone in between.

As well as producing products and tools to help fill the gaps created by new ways of working, the heart of Leapers is a Slack channel. It offers a community of people who understand the challenges, and a place where non-judgmental conversation can take place. It’s free to join: you just need to provide your email address and they’ll send you an invitation.

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Organisation: Leapers
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Leapers is a community that supports anyone who wants to work differently: remote, freelance, self-employed and more.

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