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10 steps to non-optical allyship

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When it comes to anti-racism work, being an ally is more than making a statement of your intentions. It is about understanding, taking positive actions, and keeping the focus on the people affected by racism.

This Instagram guide, created by Mireille C Harper, explores ten practical ways for White people to be allies to their Black colleagues and friends when it comes to improving the workplace and society as a whole. It includes tips on building a long-term strategy, ensuring you aren’t inserting yourself into the spotlight, and advice on further reading.

Each step is no more than a sentence or two, so it’s extremely easy to read and share with your colleagues.

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Organisation: Mireille C Harper
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Mireille C Harper

Mireille C Harper is an author, a sensitivity reader, a PR and comms consultant, and the editor of Square Peg Books.

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