The gift of gratitude

Beckett Frith
Beckett Frith

Senior Content Officer, Mental Health at Work

For so many of us, the past two years have been full of sacrifices. We might have had to miss out on seeing our family and friends, taking part in traditions, or going away on holiday. Many of us have also had to give up seeing our colleagues frequently in the name of keeping everyone as safe as possible.

However, some of us have had to sacrifice even more. Many people working in key industries, such as healthcare and teaching, have had to work even harder than usual while under extreme amounts of pressure​Demands and pressures PDF Pressure can be a good thing, helping to keep us motivated and aware of the impact of your actions. However, if the pressure is inappropriate or too strong, it can result in stress.Free By: Unilever View resource. It is important that we don’t forget those who have given up so much of their time and expertise to support others, and we should think about the negative impact that this has had on their wellbeing.

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