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Mind in Mid Herts offers a range of services to employers and organisations including training courses, workshops, consultancy services and wellbeing days.

Mind in Mid Herts provides a variety of services for managers, employees and teams. They include:

  • Full- and half-day training courses on a range of topics and subjects, including building resilience in the workplace, mental health awareness for managers, working with vulnerable people, and conflict management;
  • Specialist courses and workshops (ranging from individual lunchtime tasters to programmes of six weekly sessions) to help employees to look after their own wellbeing, on subjects including building your courage, resilience, self-acceptance, assertiveness, relaxation, loss and change, healthy eating, sleeping well, and mindfulness;
  • Consultancy, including developing bespoke workplace solutions, expert advice on mental health, policy reviews, staff surveys and stress audits;
  • Wellbeing days, including presentations, workshops and stalls ranging from healthy eating, posture and body composition, to building positive relationships, stress management, assertiveness skills, mindfulness and mental health awareness.
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Organisation: Mind in Mid Herts
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Mind in Mid Herts provides mental health services for people aged 16 and over in Mid Hertfordshire.

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