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Fair Kitchens have created a range of resources to support those working in the hospitality industry.

On this page, you can find:

  • A sign-up form for free online leadership training,
  • A checklist on how to provide constructive, supportive feedback,
  • A check-in template to help employees find areas they might want extra help,
  • Resources and links for LGBTQIA+ hospitality staff, including tips on becoming a better ally,
  • A webinar on staying positive, and
  • A guide to introducing the Fair Kitchens TEAMS code in your organisation.

There are also links to mental health helplines in many countries around the world, and advice on how to talk about mental wellbeing in your workplace.

Fair Kitchens may also update this page with further resources, so you may wish to bookmark it so you can check again in the future.

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Organisation: Fair Kitchens
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