Remote working: a practical safety guide for businesses

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There’s little doubt that the UK workforce is becoming more flexible, with more and more people working remotely at least some of the time. It has a lot of benefits for employer and employee – but whether you’re considering it for the first time or already have a remote team in place, there’s a lot to consider in making it work well for you.

This guide has a detailed but accessible overview, all on a single web page. It includes illustrations, graphics and summaries throughout, with facts you need to know and practical tips you can implement whether you’re a remote worker or are supporting those who are.

The guide is divided into three key sections:

  1. An introduction to remote working, including the way the UK workforce is changing and the benefits of remote and flexible working;
  2. Safety and security considerations, including laws around flexible working, practical steps an employer needs to take, and data security;
  3. Mental health awareness for remote workers, including potential risks, the importance of creating culture in remote teams, and your responsibilities for looking after mental wellbeing.

The guide includes links to the original research where relevant, and a section of further links and resources on remote working and mental health.

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Organisation: Glide
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