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Mental health first aid: leaflet example

Organisation: Thames Water


This leaflet tells Thames Water employees that there are qualified mental health first aiders available, and lists other sources of support too. It's an example of how you can encourage staff to seek help when they need it.

Thames Water aims to make sure there are employees qualified in mental health first aid​Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England workplace training Web page Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England offers a variety of training for employers across the UK. This workplace course will qualify you as a Mental Health First Aider.Paid forRequires pre-booking By: Mental Health First Aid England View resource across all sections and workplaces in their organisation. This leaflet shows staff how to get in touch with one, as well as listing all sorts of other help services available, from their employee assistance programme to services from national charities and the NHS.

It’s an example of how you might encourage staff to seek help when they need it, as well as lowering the stigma around mental health conversations in your organisation.

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Organisation: Thames Water
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