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Mental Health at Work has partnered with Simply Business to support the UK’s self-employed with their mental health and wellbeing. Together we surveyed more than 700 small business owners to understand their challenges. Now we want to start a conversation and break the stigma surrounding mental health at work.

The cost of living crisis means we’re all paying a lot more for energy and food, and things like rent and fuel. Many of us are experiencing rising debt. And sadly, we know money problems have a strong link to poor mental wellbeing.

This web page from Step Change offers advice about managing debt, as well as explaining what benefits you might be entitled to. It includes a confidential online debt advice hub, which can help you gain a better understanding of your current situation as well as offering advice for moving forward.

The site is aimed at those experiencing debt first-hand, but if you are an employer or line manager and who is worried about a colleague, you might like to share this with them.

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Organisation: Step Change
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Step Change

Step Change is a debt advice charity that offers free support for people experiencing money problems.

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