6.5 minutes of positivity from the Mental Health at Work universe

Beckett Frith
Beckett Frith

Senior Content Officer, Mental Health at Work

Sadly, many of us have been forced to cancel or dramatically change our Christmas plans as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Some of us might be spending the holidays alone, or missing friends and family we hoped to see. Christmas can be an emotional time even in normal years, and 2020 has certainly not been a normal year.

Despite this, we still have hope for a future we can enjoy with our loved ones. In this video, those who contributed to the Mental Health at Work website in 2020 have shared their messages of positivity, optimism and enthusiasm for the year ahead, and offered support for those of us still struggling.

The video is 6.5 minutes long.

If you’d like to see more resources about coping with a very different Christmas, Mind Mind Mind provides advice and support on mental health, and campaigns to improve understanding, across England and Wales. View organisation have a range of resources available here.

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