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The Mental Health at Work Commitment

Standard 6

Increase transparency and accountability through internal and external reporting

This standard has two parts:

1. Identify and track key measures for internal and external reporting, including through the annual report and accounts.

2. Measure organisational activity and impact using robust external frameworks, e.g. the Business in the Community Responsible Business Tracker and Mind’s Workplace Wellbeing Index.

An organisation’s staff team is one of its most important assets, and honestly assessing and reporting on their wellbeing shows people – whether employees, investors, clients or potential recruits – that you understand that.

But this isn’t about saying “you must measure the following things, as only these will tell you how you’re doing.” It’s more about developing a mindset in which key people understand that factors like wellbeing and engagement are things that can, in principle, be recorded and reported on, as a key aspect of your company’s performance. From there, it’s a matter of identifying how to get an accurate picture in a way that works for your organisation: its size, its activities, its location and its workforce.

Even more importantly, using a standardised tool or framework like the Index or the Tracker helps you to identify areas to focus on for improvement, often with specific and actionable recommendations. This can create a positive cycle in which reporting, planning, taking action and measuring impact are parts of an ongoing process that continually improves outcomes for staff – and for your business.

Transparency is a powerful tool to spur change where it’s needed most. Committing to measuring and reporting on actions around mental health will make a meaningful and positive difference to how we support people’s mental wellbeing in the workplace. Richard Houston

Richard Houston
Senior Partner and Chief Executive,
Deloitte North and South Europe

Deloitte North and South Europe

The Mental Health at Work Commitment is a set of actions, organised into six standards, that any organisation can follow to improve and support the mental health of their people.