Our Frontline: support for emergency services

When your mask comes off, take a deep breath

Working in the emergency services can be tough. It’s important to protect your mental health as best you can – on a daily basis, not just after the dramatic moments. Those around you play a big part in this too: colleagues, leaders, friends and family.

Emergency services staff, talk with someone who gets it.

  • Text FRONTLINE to 85258
  • Or call 0800 069 6222 from 7am to 11pm if you’re ambulance staff in England, or 116 123 for any emergency services staff, anywhere, any time, to talk to Samaritans.

All in confidence with trained volunteers.

Discover resources recommended for emergency services workers below, or click here to see a longer list of resources.

Your stories

“As a black female paramedic, I have experienced racial and sexist abuse, which can be both verbal and physical.”

“I was too scared to be myself so I did my true identity.”

“Everyone I know has experienced some sort of impact to their mental health.”

“My main support through the whole situation this year has been people who are in the same boat as me.”

“It shows great courage to speak to someone about what’s going on in your head.”

Resources in this toolkit:


​Police Care UK

Web page

Police Care UK is the charity for serving and veteran police officers and staff, volunteers and their families who have suffered any physical or psychological harm as a result of policing. They offer practical, emotional and financial support.