One year on, what are we doing differently?

Today marks one year since the first UK coronavirus lockdown was announced. For this film we asked four professionals, in four different fields, about how their working lives have changed – and what tips for wellbeing they will be taking forward into the next year.

Change doesn’t have to mean bad.


  • Davina Gunn-Hawking, a teacher and wellbeing coordinator in a secondary school
  • Sabrina Bramble, a freelance writer and pilates teacher
  • Ben Hawkins, a dispatcher at an ambulance service
  • Chris McLeod, a project manager overseeing a remote team

Here’s some resources you might find useful after viewing the video:

Resources in this toolkit:

Davina says she's used video calls to stay in touch with her colleagues. While they can be a great way to keep in contact, some people feel anxious, uncomfortable or awkward using this technology. Leapers have put together some tips to help you feel relaxed and in control during video calls.


​Energy recovery

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Enjoying walks in the local park has helped Sabrina to stay focused and mindful. This PDF from Unilever explores how you can make the most of your break times to allow yourself to de-stress and recover your mental energy.


​Team resilience

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Working together as a team, celebrating successes and sharing challenges has been really helpful for Chris. This guide from Our NHS People aims to teach you the basics of team resilience, along with several behavioural strategies to help you and your colleagues deal with adversity, pressure and stress together.


If you've used wellness action plans (WAPs) before - or would like to start using them now - it is important to consider how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected your workplace. This booklet from Mind will help you upgrade your current WAPs, or write entirely new ones, which fit our new ways of working better.