Mental health in sport and physical activity

When the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation​The Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation Website Sport and recreation organisations can sign up to the Mental Health Charter to make a commitment to take positive action around mental health. You pledge three initial actions—and there are samples and templates to get you going.Free By: Sport and Recreation Alliance View resource was launched in 2015, it focused the sector’s mind on the fact that the world of sport, physical activity and recreation can be a high-pressure one. For some, competition, performance and wider monitoring and evaluation can mean that mental and emotional health take a lower priority. For many, funding cycles and fixed terms for delivery can lead to living in a constant atmosphere of uncertainty – which can be a major stress factor for employees right across an organisation.

So, the Charter (produced by Sport and Recreation Alliance Sport and Recreation Alliance The Sport and Recreation Alliance champions grassroots sport and recreation and offers advice and support to the sector. View organisation, Professional Players Federation Professional Players Federation The Professional Players Federation is the national organisation for the professional player associations in the UK. View organisation and Mind Mind Mind provides advice and support on mental health, and campaigns to improve understanding, across England and Wales. View organisation) successfully encouraged all sorts of organisations across the sector to take action and show their commitment to supporting mental health. As well as celebrating those who have signed up, it gives simple and practical ideas for actions you can take.

Sport and Recreation AllianceBut, as more and more organisations start thinking about the mental health of their people, it’s clear that there’s still more to do. That’s why we asked the Sport and Recreation Alliance to recommend some specific resources, below, to help get you started.

It’s easy to make a start

Getting to grips with mental health can seem like a daunting challenge, especially if you haven’t thought much about it before. And especially when you already have several other priorities and demands, many already competing with each other. But the Sport and Recreation Alliance’s advice is this: You don’t have to do everything at once. Focus on one thing at a time – progressive improvements really add up. Even a small change can make a big difference – and can make the next step easier to take.

Sport, physical activity, recreation, leisure – it’s a unique industry, with all sorts of needs and issues that you might not find elsewhere. These resources have helped, and been recommended by, people who understand.

Good luck!

Resources in this toolkit: