Mental health for small workplaces

Small and medium organisations account for 99% of the businesses in the UK. But research shows that, when it comes to mental health, they often fall behind larger organisations.

We know that there are unique challenges, as well as unique opportunities, that come with working in smaller businesses. We’ve put together a collection of resources designed to help, focused on Mind’s new, free and quick eLearning, Mental Health for Small Workplaces.

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Mental Health for Small Workplaces is made up of three modules:

  1. Building your awareness
  2. Looking after yourself
  3. Supporting each other

They’re quick, free and easy to access—and they were made in conjunction with the Federation of Small Businesses ​Federation of Small Businesses The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) aims to help smaller businesses to achieve their ambitions. View organisation and employees of smaller organisations across the country.

This toolkit contains everything you need to start making a difference. Below, you’ll find:

  • the Mental Health for Small Workplaces eLearning;
  • a brief guide with ideas to help you roll it out to your colleagues and staff;
  • a comprehensive handbook filled with advice and tips for small business owners and the self-employed;
  • and a practical tool that you can quickly and easily implement to start making a difference straight away.

“Mental Health for Small Workplaces is well structured, informative and easy to access and navigate through. Each topic covered can be completed independently and includes a range of facts, short informative videos, as well as links to valuable resources and support.”

Alison Stainthorpe — Head of Operations, Cancer Care

“We all need some insight and structure to how we can help each other and, just as importantly, help ourselves. If you follow the guidelines contained within this material, it will do nothing other than benefit you: as an employer, employee or most importantly just you as a person.”

Andy Neilson — Owner, Twisted Orange

Resources in this toolkit: