Mental health for small workplaces

Small and medium organisations account for 99% of the businesses in the UK. But research shows that, when it comes to mental health, they often fall behind larger organisations.

We know that there are unique challenges, as well as unique opportunities, that come with working in smaller businesses. We’ve put together a collection of resources designed to help.

This toolkit contains everything you need to start making a difference. Below, you’ll find:

  • a comprehensive handbook filled with advice and tips for small business owners and the self-employed;
  • a free, simple and confidential mobile app to encourage your employees in taking care of their own wellbeing;
  • and two practical tools that you can quickly and easily implement to start making a difference straight away.

This toolkit used to contain Mind’s online eLearning for small workplaces. However, we are no longer able to provide support for those using the training, and so it has been removed.

Mental Health at Work has partnered with Simply Business to support the UK’s self-employed with their mental health and wellbeing. Together we surveyed more than 700 small business owners to understand their challenges. Now we want to start a conversation and break the stigma surrounding mental health at work.

Resources in this toolkit: