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Every Mind Matters: Your Mind Plan

Organisation: Public Health England


Your Mind Plan is part of the Every Mind Matters mental health platform from Public Health England. By answering five simple questions you'll receive an action plan to improve your wellbeing and look after your mental health.

Your Mind Plan is the free online tool that’s part of Every Mind Matters, the new platform to support good mental health. It asks you five simple questions, about:

  • your mood;
  • your sleep;
  • if you’re stressed;
  • if you have anxiety;
  • if you’re worried about anything.

You’ll then receive an action plan, with simple ideas and tips you can try, all based on recommendations from mental health experts. They’ve been updated to reflect the current situation with coronavirus, whether you’re staying at home or worried about somebody else. You’re free to swap any of the suggested actions for something that suits you better. And you can then get the plan emailed to you so you can refer to it in the future.

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Organisation: Public Health England
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