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Working with pride: issues affecting LGBT+ people in the workplace


LGBT+ people make up between 2-5% of the population of the UK, but are still experiencing high levels of discrimination in the workplace and significant inequalities, especially around mental health and wellbeing.

This report combines the findings from two of Business in the Community’s recent reports – Mental Health at Work Report 2018, in conjunction with Mercer​Mental Health at Work Report 2018: Seizing the Momentum PDF 4 0This report follows a third annual survey conducted by YouGov into employee mental health. It reveals that financial insecurity is a major factor in poor mental health for UK workers, and presents calls to action for employers.Free By: Business in the Community View resource and Equal Lives, in partnership with Santander – to shine a light on the issues facing LGBT+ people in the workplace. Among other findings, it shows that experience of mental health issues was a third higher among LGBT+ employees.

The report then goes on to make three core recommendations for business: Recognise, Respond and Role Model.

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